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We LOVE Vivobarefoot

Vivobarefoot is a company that makes comfortable barefoot shoes, and they are my absolute favourite (my sister likes it too, and my parents). Their designs are so simple, so soft and super flexible allowing our feet to grow happy and as close to barefoot as possible, and as it should be. Normal shoes might look good but it is restrictive to our toes and pushes them together which can affect our grip and balance when walking or doing fun activities. Vivobarefoot shoes are super comfortable to wear. My feet feel so light and more free to run, climb, jump, spin around and do some of the parkour moves I am learning with my dad.

My sister wrote an article about why she loves going barefoot and you can read it here:

You can also read more information about the benefits of barefoot on the link below:

Check out our Hero Kids Life YouTube channel to see some of the fun stuff we've been doing in the park in our Vivobarefoot shoes.

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