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TEAM = Together Everyone Achieve More

We like to help out at home but sometimes mummy have to ask us a few times or I sometimes have a little bit of argument with my brother when we pick to do the same chore. We usually empty dishwasher together, but other tasks are short so easier to do individually. So we all sat down and thought of different ideas to solve this issue. My mummy suggested using one of our dice from our boardgames and each number will present a task to do. But my brother suggested we write them instead, I think also because he wants to be cheeky and write other funny things.

We wrote things to help with at home on a piece of small paper, we used Post-in Notes. We write down different house chores like take Messi out for a walk, wipe the table, fold kitchen towels, hoover the floor, etc. Then we folded them and put them in a container so we can draw a couple each day or whenever we are not feeling so cooperative or helpful. We help or do the job that we pick out. We also put REST or FREE TIME, and if we pick that it means we can rest that day.

It was so fun to do and we were laughing so hard until our tummy hurt since we secretly wrote things like:

When I am with my brother, we always have fun and we never run out of ideas to do. Sometimes we don't like t help out but my mummy said that is okay. But she sometimes encourage us to still help and tells us that "TOGETHER WE CAN ACHIEVE MORE".



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