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Wheel of Choice

We made a Wheel of Choice on Monday. A wheel of choice is a fun way to practise problem solving skills. During our life, we will encounter different problems or situations that can upset us or make us feel different kind of emotions. We always have a choice on how to react and on what to do. Here are some of the things that my sister and I thought of, my mummy also made one for herself. Messi was very curious and I wish I also included him on my wheel since he is very good hugger and can always cheer us up.

It is easy to make this wheel, here is how to make it:

1. Cut a piece of paper into a circle

2. Fold the piece of paper into eighths

3. Draw lines on the folds

4. In each segment, write and draw in different choices you can do to solve a problem, e.g do nothing, sit in your positive corner, use "I feel" statement, cuddle my puppy, etc.

We enjoyed doing this activity and I think it is very good because it makes us think about our emotions and reactions a little bit more.

Hope you enjoy making your own Wheel of Choice. Please share photos of your wheel with us and we can all exchange ideas.


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Love this Lucas and Sienna! Your wheels have such great options. I've never tried 'Sleep for the rest of the day' but I think your mom may have 😁 Good idea! - Uncle WH

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