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Updated: Jul 15, 2019

I think going barefoot is best. I like taking my shoes off and going barefoot at home, in the park when I am running around, walking, meditating, climbing frames, balancing on tree trunks and saving the world as a superhero. I also like it when the grass tickles my feet, it is quite fun. My favourite place to walk barefoot is on the beach, I love the warm and soft sand.

I feel close to nature when I am barefoot.


1. It improves our balance and support.

2. Makes our feet feel happy, healthier and free.

3. Better body awareness and posture.

4. Stronger legs and core muscles.

5. Stimulates many healing process in the body.

6. Boosts memory, focus, concentration and overall intelligence.

7. Feeling the ground strengthens our senses and makes us feel more grounded

8. Better blood circulation

9. Rewires our brain in so many positive ways

10. Natural reflexology benefits as it which helps activate the nerves at the bottom of the feet.

All of which makes you a better superhero!

Why don't you try going barefoot this weekend or this summer holiday? Share with us some photos and tell us what you think about it.

You can also read more article from our favourite barefoot shoe company.

Have a lovely summer holiday everyone.



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