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It is Friday and we have enjoyed our first week off school. We love summer holidays and being with our mummy because we get to do lots of fun things at home.

This week we decided to see how much sugar there is in some of the drinks that is widely available in stores everywhere. Mummy came up with this idea to explain to us why she didn't let me have an energy drink during my Ascot United football tournament last weekend. I was upset and very disappointed that day but I now understand why she was being firm about her decision.

We didn't buy too many drinks but we hope this gives you a good idea how much sugar soft drinks and energy drinks have. Some of the drinks only had a slight difference, but it was obvious which had the most and least.

Just because we see our friends drinking these doesn't mean that it is also okay for us to have them too. We can all make the right choices for our health.

My sister and I enjoyed doing this activity. It is easy and fun, you can do it too.

WARNING: Be careful with anything that says "Less Sugar", they add lots of sweeteners instead and they are still a type of sugar.

Super dad showing my sister how to read sugar content and ingredients at the back.

If you want to try this activity at home, 1x tsp is equivalent to 3.5g of sugar.

Just be careful not to spill sugar on the floor especially if you have super sidekicks like Messi around.

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