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Post-workout food and drink

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) lots of people are offering free classes online like PE with Joe Wicks which seems to be super popular and loved by a lot of our school friends. My mummy said it is really nice how a lot of people are trying to share their time and expertise for free to the world in this time.

I enjoy doing the exercises everyday and I am always looking forward to it. I've been doing lots of advance exercise routines using Home Workout, it is really fun. My little sister and parents join me sometimes. Messi gets super excited when he sees us on the mat and wants to take part by licking and jumping on each one of us - he thinks it is a kind of play.

Here is a list of some of the food I like to eat after exercising:

  • Water - I make sure to keep myself hydrated all day

  • Coconut water - yummy sweet treat

  • Eggs - I like fried egg whites and my sister likes boiled eggs

  • Nuts - healthy fats and mummy said we should take one Brazil nuts for Iodine every day

  • Sweet potatoes - air fried chips

  • Avocado - mashed avocados or with soya sauce

  • Green tea - we like Japanese matcha powder

  • Chocolate milk - Almond or soya flavoured chocolate milk are good options

  • Berries (black berries are super sweet this time of year)

  • Dark green leafy veg - Sienna and I love kale chips and broccoli

  • Whey or plant based protein powder - my papa likes

  • Tart cherry juice - not tried this but I will ask mummy to buy

Experiment with some of your favourite food. I love pizza (my sister doesn't) and look what we added to our pizza to make it healthier and ideal for our post workout meal.

Eggs, spinach, organic sweetcorn, olives and chicken liver. My sister loves liver and I taught her how to cook it.

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