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How are you keeping yourself physically and mentally fit during the lockdown?

Our family of five stay at home most of the time but we ensure we go out for fresh air in our garden for fresh air, sunshine and a little movement. I think they are vital for mental health so we make sure we do this as a family every single day.

Grateful that we are blessed with lots of outdoor space where we live and that we were able to enjoy that for our permitted 'exercise'' today. It was super quiet and it felt so peaceful there. We kept our social distance whenever we saw another being taking their dogs for a walk or breathing in some fresh air and dozing up on their natural vitamin D supply.

It was a lovely day for our family of five. Messi our puppy enjoyed running around the park and was in real bliss whenever he saw another dog to sniff and play with.

If you do decide to go out, please be responsible and follow the rules imposed by the government:

1) Social distancing and staying 2m away from other people

2) Stay local and use open spaces near where you live

3) No team sports and just exercise alone or with family members

Please share with us different ways you are staying fit with your family.

Together we can all do our bit.



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