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A Hero Pup's Sleep (yaaaaawwwwwn)

Sleep is really really important for puppies (just like kids). When sleeping, the brain is developing and growing, and the body is also healing itself and growing. Little puppies can sleep 15-20 hours a day (which isn't very much time awake at all)!

Hero Pup Messi is now 12 weeks old, which is around 3 months. He's been a super sleeper, which could be a sign of a real super pup. He sleeps all through the night for over 10 hours, so his brain must be forming really well. We wonder what his super power will be - a super clever genius dog? Maybe his future nickname will be Dr. Messi the Wise.

Here's a video of Messi after he's just woken up - with the cutest doggie yawn ever!

Remember: Kids, like puppies, also need lots of sleep. Adults do too. Sleep is when the brain stores everything you've learnt into long-term memory, stores all the skills you've learnt during the day, grows new connections, and heals your body.

So go to bed early, it's like extra training sessions for your body - you can't be a super hero without enough sleep!

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