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Hero Pup Buddy: Super Sausage

Hello friends. Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend and enjoying the sunshine.

Our awesome guest writer this week is a childhood friend of mine, we have known each other since we were babies. My friend Richard has Super Vision because one time when Messi hurt himself, we were all looking for where his blood and injury came from. There were five people all over looking for the injury and it was Richard who saw it.

Thank you Richard for sharing with us this thoughtfully written article about Messi's best friend Buddy.

Buddy is a cheeky superhero sausage pal. He is my sidekick and best friend. He’s not just an ordinary dog.....

He is long like a hot dog and faster than the speed of light.... especially when chasing after other dogs he wants to play with.

He’s the greatest guard dog around because he always barks whenever he hears something, which can be annoying when there are no bad guys to get.

He’s a super snuggler who loves to bury himself under any cover so he doesn’t get spotted.

He’s a great explorer and he is really happy when he goes on any new expedition. He is bold and brave (and a little too loud).

Most of all Buddy is super special to us and makes us laugh so much with his funny faces and sausage dog antics.

Richard Alija, 8 years old

Happy Sunday everyone and hope you are all having a good day with your super sidekicks.


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