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How to Solve a Rubiks Cube

Hero training is about training your brains as well as physical training. Solving a Rubiks Cube sounds really difficult, but actually anyone can do it if you just learn. I'm eight, and I've learnt it in a couple of days. I'm teaching my sister and she's six - she's half way there now. Watch my video below for step-by-step instructions. And I'll also tell you what cube to buy if you scroll down below.

There are some moves (called "algorithms") that you'll need to remember. Until you can remember them all, I've written them below so you can refer to them without having to keep replaying the video. Here they are:


Step 1:

No algorithm - just get daisy, then white cross

Step 2 (bottom corners):

R U R” U”

Step 3 (sides of middle layer):

Rotate top layer away, R U R” U”, rotate whole cube, then L” U” L U

or Rotate top layer away, L” U” L U, rotate whole cube, then R U R” U”

Step 4 (yellow cross):

F + R U R” U” + F”

Step 5 (top sides/edges):

With only 1 edge in place:

R U R” U

R U”2 R”

Step 6 (top corners in place):

U R U” L”

U R” U” L

Step 7 (rotate top corners correctly):

With YELLOW side facing you:

F, to have corner you want to solve in top right

U R” U” R

F, to get to next corner, and repeat

That's all!


Keep yellow side facing up all the time

R = rotate RIGHT side of cube clockwise

L = rotate LEFT side of cube clockwise

U = rotate TOP of cube clockwise

F = rotate FRONT (side facing you) clockwise

and R", L", U" and F" just means rotate anti-clockwise

What Rubiks Cube should I buy?

I like these cubes, as they are much smoother to turn, and makes it easier to solve the cube quickly, and not too expensive.

My Dad promised to buy me this magnetic speed cube once I could solve a cube in less than 3 minutes. At first I thought it was too difficult, but after more practice it actually wasn't so hard. I love this cube, it has a magnet which means it snaps into position when you turn it, so you really practice your speed!

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