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Rock Climbing in France

Our super guest writer this week is my friend Paul Roux. He is a super runner like Flash and he does the most impressive jumps on his trampoline.

Thank you Paul for sharing your summer climbing adventure with us, the photos all look amazing and fun.

"During the summer holidays, I went for an exciting adventure with my mummy. We learnt how to do a figure of 8 knot and how to belay a climber. Then off we went to climb a 20m cliff. It was really fun!! Once I got to the top I just had to seat in my harness and let the cord go down. I felt GREAT and HAPPY to be the first to reach the top. After our picnic near the river, we started the mini Via Ferrata, I was so EXCITED!

I followed a pass always attached to the cliff via a metallic rope. However, you have to concentrate when you get to a “knot” and undo your two carabiners but always one at a time. The best part was the tyrolean.

I loved my day but at the end I felt TIRED, hot and thirsty."

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