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Being Helpful

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

During the coronavirus everywhere is closed and we are happily staying at home with our parents and Messi. My brother Lucas and I made a list of things you can do to be helpful at home. These are some of the things that we do but there is so much more to help your parents with and it can also be a lot of fun.

1. Help with the house chores - mopping floors, dusting, folding clothes

2. Help in the kitchen - cutting fruits (this is one of my favourite and I find it so fun), cooking (that's me cooking chicken liver), emptying dishwasher (I do this with my brother everyday)

3. Fixing your bed and tidying up your bedroom

4. Watering plants in the garden

5. Helping groom your puppy

Being helpful doesn't mean just cleaning up after all the mess. You can also be helpful by:

1. Being kind

2. Being happy so you radiate positive energy in the house

3. Giving mummy a hug

4. Smiling because it can make other people smile too

5. Being considerate and always thinking about others." If I make a mess and don't tidy up my activity, it will give mummy more jobs to do and our house will look untidy."

My mummy always says that it is very imporant to help each other and if we help our parents, then this will allow them to finish all their chores quicker and they can spend more time with us.

My favourite is when I help mummy prepare and cook our food. What is your favourite way of helping at home?

Love, Sienna

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