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Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Hello heatwave!! Sharing with you our favourite summer slushy perfect for keeping us cool when the weather is hot like today. We can all easily finish two glasses each in one sitting.

Share with us what you've been enjoying in this summer sunshine.


1. 5 cups of ice

2. 1x strawberry container


1. Wash your strawberries. *

2. Cut the top part and put inside Vitamix.

2. Blend strawberries into smooth paste.

3. Add ice then pulse until you get the slushy consistency.

4. Enjoy!!

You can see me making a slushy on this link:-

Same idea but you swap pineapple with strawberries or any fruits you like.

WARNING: *Strawberries can have lots of pesticides & fertilisers so we suggest using organic strawberries. If you can't get this, soak it in white vinegar for 5mins then rinse so it removes all the bad stuff from the fruit.

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