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Puppy Cuteness

So truly grateful that we have a furry baby at home. Messi is pure love and life has been even more magical with him around. We are definitely enjoying all the cuddles, sloppy kisses and all our play time with him. Thought we'd share with you a photo of our 3months old sidekick Messi because he is absolutely gorgeous and we know he can make you smile today. *Also sharing with you why we think it can be a good idea to have a pet, and I am sure there are more.

1. They bring us so much joy.

2. Increases levels of serotonin and dophamine in our brain.

3. Lowers anxiety, stress and depression.

4. Makes us laugh and smile.

5. Guardians of being according to Eckhart Tolle because pets can inspire us to be more present and to accept the is-ness of things.

What kind of pet do you think you'd like to have if you don't have one yet? Please share in the comment box below.

*Make sure you do not rush getting a puppy unless you know you are emotionally and mentally ready to get one. They require a lot of patience and dedication especially when they are little, but definitely super worth all the hard work.

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