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What activity makes your heart the happiest?

Working with my hands never fail to make me smile and feel so joyful. Here is a photo taken last summer when my husband gifted me a two day flower arrangement course with Judith Blacklock in London for my birthday. I found it super fun and calming to the mind. It is always lovely learning new things and this is definitely one of my favs.

I think flower arranging is a beautiful, calming and creative hobby that positively promotes challenging our artistic minds, and it is a hobby that is easy to pick-up. It is so good for our mental health as it has immense benefits for our wellbeing, happiness and confidence. I also love how it makes me feel so close to nature.

My first attempt in hand-tied bouquet and I am super pleased how it turned out.

Have a lovely week ahead everyone. Hope this inspires you to try something new this summer, and we'd love to hear about it here at HKL.

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