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Sports Day Emotions

Sports day for Year 3 is over and I am thankful for all the sunshine that day. It was great fun but I also felt lots of different emotions before and after. Here are the top three emotions I felt that day.

This is me writing it all down.

This is me doing hurdles with my friends. My mum and dad thought my technique were good, I think they are being biased. But the important thing is I did my best and practiced really hard weeks / days before the sports day.

I was so nervous about this Vortex event at first, but I really enjoyed it in the end and I came 2nd after one of my best friend.

I love sports days because I can to do lots of cool and fun things with my school friends. What emotions did you feel when you had your sports days? Do you want to write it down and check the meaning in the dictionary like what I did today? It is fun learning about emotions.

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